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In this section you can download the files to your phone or computer and listen to them later. These are audio files in English and Sunda, from the International School of Ministry, and are about Christian training for ministry. There are five trimesters of teaching. They are free, please distribute them to anyone who can use them.


Free Audio Bible in Sundanese  Follow this link to listen to the Bible (New Testament) in Sundanese.

How to Use These Files

Download them to your PC, cellphone, mp3 player, or any device.


Share with your friends by bluetooth, or on SD cards. You can listen to them as a group, for example, in a Bible study, in church, or teach in a Bible college.


These files are in English and Sunda, so they can help you learn English.


Click the link above, which will take you to the catalog. Select your link to go to the audio files pages. Download them to your local device and listen to them from there. They are under an hour each, and there are 157 files.  They are in mp3 format, at 16 kilobits per second (low bandwidth), and are about 5 to 6 Megabytes each.  The total of all files is 905 MB.


Who are the Sundanese?

The Sundanese (not to be confused with the Sudanese) live in Indonesia, mostly in the western part of the island of Java.  They number nearly 40 million and less than 1% are Christian, most of them are Muslim.  The Sundanese language is the second most widely spoken regional language in Indonesia.  God is doing a work there, and these files are here to help train Christians.

If you speak Sunda, we could use your help; email us at johned@cybermissions.org