This series covers the "One Another Commandments" in the New Testament and is part of our Insights For Eternity broadcast series.


The Greek word for “one another” is allelon - pronounced allel-own, and it is used 100 times in the New Testament. The most prominent of these is “love one another” which will be our first Bible study.

Most of these “one another” references are direct commandments and the expectation is that they were to be obeyed by the readers of the Gospels and Epistles.  They were meant to be put into practice!

These “one another” commandments are the commandments that construct community, such as instruct one another, encourage one another and offer hospitality to one another. They take us out of our isolated selfishness and into God’s plan for our lives as Spirit-filled new creations full of faith and love.


Introduction to the Series


Love One Another


Serve One Another


Encourage One Another


Forgive One Another


Instruct One Another


Bear One Another's Burdens


Be At Peace With One Another


Be Hospitable To One Another


Be Patient With One Another


Honor One Another



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